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Comprehensive needs analysis
We have developed precise, work-related analysis tools for better needs analysis and more accurately adapted language training. We do the right things and help you reach your goals by making the most effective use of your time.

Our trainers
Our native speaker trainers have many years of experience in teaching business oriented language courses. Their own business experience and their varied backgrounds enable them to better understand both your professional and your social language needs. They will also help you develop insight into the Swedish and Scandinavian business cultures, an insight quite as important as the language skill itself.

Our method
Learning takes place in many ways and with many different goals.
In order to fulfil these goals your course will be tailor-made to fit your specific requirements in respect of your needs, intensity, and your time. The training may vary from a couple of hours per week to several intensive weeks.

In our one-to-one training we also adapt the course to your personal capabilities and learningstyle. Our trainers all use Intensiv Språkutbildning´s own teaching method,which leaves wide scope for the trainer´s own initiative. Our shared pedagogical culture guarantees customer satisfaction. Try us! We do things right.

Our quality
Long term focus on highly competent trainers, on development of training methods, on our own communication models and on realistic, up to date course materials, has given us our reputation for excellent quality. Intensiv Språkutbildning AB offers a highly cost-effective alternative for job oriented language training and business culture.

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